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Holiday Games Everyone will Enjoy!

Fun Holiday Games for the Whole Family 

(friends and co-workers too!)

Fun Holiday games for the whole family will make entertaining easy and fun! I have put together a list of fun games complete with printables when needed. You can handle the food and hosting and I will handle the games. I love seeing friends, family and even co-workers come together, laughing and enjoying themselves. These games will allow you to do just that. I can’t wait to hear all of your funny stories, so be sure to share them with me after you have played these games. I do have to confess though, I didn’t come up with these games. Shutterfly was a big help and I did make a few alterations to some. Don’t forget to print any of the handouts I have made for you to make holiday game night easier as well. HAVE FUN!!

Fun Holiday Games with Kids

Holiday Edition of 20 Questions

I have put together a list of Holiday movies, characters, and items for your convenience. So be sure to print them to make this game even easier to play! But please feel free to veer from this list and add some of your own that have special meaning to you. 

For this game, you will need one person designated as the answerer, who will pick one movie, character or item from the list. The other players will ask yes/no questions such as “does your character have a red nose?” If no one guesses the answer after 20 questions asked, the answerer has won and that round is over. I have also provided photos of each listed item as well for the little ones in your life that would like to play but are not yet reading. May the best player win! Have fun!

Holiday Movies

Santa Limbo

This one sounds like a lot of fun! Each player will need to put a “Santa belly” under their shirt. You can do this with old shirts, pillows, towels, etc. Whatever you have on hand will work – just make sure it sticks out like Santa’s belly. Next get a stick to use as a limbo stick – a mop, broom, walking stick or even a yardstick will work. Place the limbo stick at the starting height and have everyone with their Santa bellies in place line up one after another. Now turn on some Holiday music and one by one go under the limbo stick with their Santa belly. Once everyone has gone through one time, lower the limbo stick and have everyone go under it again. Continue to lower the stick until only one person with their Santa belly remains standing. Remember, if you touch the designated limbo stick while going under it you are out! No hard feelings – that belly just got in the way. 😉 

Santa holding his belly

Pin the Nose on Rudolph

This one is always fun in whatever way it is made up. I have this available for you to print on an 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper for your convenience and multiple noses that can be used. To help with identifying who is the closest put the name of the persons participating in the fun on each of their designated noses. Then there is no question who actually pinned Rudolph’s nose on him. If you haven’t played ‘Pin the tail on the Donkey’ or similar the rules are easy. Hang the printed Rudolph on the wall/door/fence, etc at a height that is appropriate for the people playing the game. Cover their eyes(a handkerchief, scarf, tie, or eye mask will work well), spin them around and face them in the direction of the printed Rudolph. Here is my warning though – be careful with the littles as they may fall down if spun too much. 

Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer

Ornament Overtime


  1. Plastic ornaments
  2. Basket
  3. Pantyhose or duct tape

How to Play: 

Participants engage in a playful challenge of passing small toys or ornaments beneath their legs, mimicking a football hike, with the aim of having a teammate catch them in a compact Christmas basket attached to the second player’s back. 


Teams compete to be the first to catch five toys or determine who can achieve the most catches within a one-minute timeframe. 

This game is awesome for family giggles, getting different ages to team up and play together!

football surrounded by a ornaments

Fun Holiday Games with Adults

Holiday Mad Libs

This game can be played with kids or adults just be careful how you answer them. This is another one I have provided you with printable pages to use, but you can also find free digital mad libs online and through the app store. Whatever floats your boat works great! 

You are going to have to go back to your English class to help you with this one. I have provided you with some classic holiday stories to make it more fun for you and your group. Choose one person to write the answers while the rest of your guests chose the words based on the suggestion provided in the story. Once you have filled in all the blanks read it out loud and enjoy a good laugh. 

Holiday Mad Libs - Frosty the Snowman

Hilarious Gift Wrapping

For this one, you will want at least 6 people playing (3 teams). You will pair off into groups of 2. Once everyone has a team tie one teammate’s right hand to their teammate’s left hand. Once you have tied the teammates to each other give everyone a time limit(1-3 minutes), tape and wrapping paper, and a gift/box, and allow each team time to wrap a gift only using their free hand. You can even have an example gift for everyone to duplicate or just let each team loose and see which team can wrap their gift the most before your timer goes off. Be sure to have an impartial judge on hand to determine a winner!

Gift wrapping

Unwrap & Roll Extravaganza: Plastic Wrap Surprise Game

To kick things off, craft a colossal plastic wrap ball loaded with surprises like mini liquor bottles, gift cards, candy, cash, and anything fun and small you think your group would enjoy. 

Here’s how the game works: one person kicks off the unwrapping frenzy while another takes on the dice challenge, aiming for that elusive roll of doubles. Once doubles hit, the plastic wrap ball moves to the next player, and the cycle repeats. 

The person with the ball can’t pause the unwrapping until the player to their right manages to roll doubles. It adds a thrilling rush to roll as quickly as possible, hoping the ball reaches you soon. Whatever treasures you unveil during your turn are yours to keep. This ensures everyone leaves with a little something extra. 

Fun Group Holiday Games

Penguin Waddle Relay

You will need some space to do this one so keep that in mind as you set up your games. You will also need a blown-up balloon for each time and markers set about 15-25′ apart to mark the relay course. Separate into teams of 3 players or more. The first player from each team will put their balloon between their knees and waddle the course and back. When they are back to their teammates they will need to pass the balloon to the next member. If any team member drops the balloon along the way they will need to start over. The first team to finish the relay wins! Be sure to take pictures! There will be a lot of smiles and laughs on this one!

Human Christmas Tree

You will need some Christmas tree decorations for this game. Think garland, tinsel, lights (that DON’T get hot), etc. Ask that you have 2-3 representatives to act as your human Christmas tree. Pair the remainder of the players into groups that will be assigned to decorate a different human tree. Provide the decorations and a time limit and have fun. Ask that someone stay behind and be the impartial judge. The team that has been deemed the “best” Human Christmas Tree by the judge wins! Don’t forget to take pictures of your beautiful trees and share them with me. 

Christmas Tree with Lights

My only goal for you is to have a fun time and a Happy Holiday. If you need more game ideas or these don’t fit your party, you can always check out Shutterfly and see if there are any more that you may be interested in playing. Don’t hesitate to post your photos on social media and tag Murphree Properties. Happy Holidays!!!

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