Creative Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

Creative Alternatives to Wrapping Paper

Show your loved ones you put extra thought into the presentation of their gifts by swapping out conventional wrapping paper with one of these unique alternatives. As an added bonus, you may already have some of these items on hand, or can purchase them at discount stores.

  • Pillowcase
  • Fleece blanket
  • Tea or kitchen towel
  • Beach towel
  • Basket
  • Pouch
  • Old newspaper
  • Decorative storage box
  • Reusable shopping bag or tote bag
  • Wooden box crate
  • Mason jar
  • Vintage cup and dish
  • Ceramic or terra-cotta plant container
  • Kid’s drawing or painting
  • Copy of vintage map
  • Leftover wallpaper or drawer lining paper

This in an image of presents wrapped using the furoshiki technique with 3 gingerbread men in the background.






Furoshiki is the traditional way of wrapping an object using a piece of fabric that is securely tied into a knot on top.

This is an image of a package wrapped with brown paper and twine.






Skip the plastic tape and secure a package with twine, repurposed ribbons, strips of leftover wrapping paper, colorful shoelaces, glue stick or glittery nail polish.

This is an image of a woman putting a bow on a present wrapped in brown paper.






Add stamps, washi tape and/or festive bow to presents wrapped with brown paper bags, parchment paper, aluminum or wax paper.

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