Easy Alternatives to Pumpkin Carving

6 Easy Alternatives to Pumpkin Carving

Easy and FUN!! 

Forging a fun and inviting entry during Halloween brings everyone joy! Spending time with family, and creating beautiful, creative, and scary pumpkins is part of the fun. I know you know how to carve a pumpkin and may even be an expert.  Take a break this year from cutting and cleaning pumpkins and try your hand at these more crafty and easy alternatives to pumpkin carving.

Pumpkin Planter

Pumpkin Planter

What a beautiful way to display your fall foliage! This would be a great way to use your dollar tree pumpkin finds as well. To use this idea inside it would be super easy to locate your favorite fall colors in silk and use as your indoor tablescape. For the full instructions and additional photos, Better Homes & Gardens has everything you need. 

Succulent Pumpkin Centerpiece

Succulent Pumpkin

Nothing says Texas heat like a succulent pumpkin! We are not new to the heat here even on Halloween. This front porch focal point could be the talk of your neighborhood. If you are excited about making this all you’ll need is a faux/craft pumpkin, succulents, floral foam, and sphagnum moss placed inside the pumpkin. When you are no longer in need of the pumpkin decor simply transfer the succulents to a different planter. This would also make a great take-home gift after your fall get-together. 

Nail Polish Pumpkin

Nail Polish Pumpkin

Need a reason to re-organize under your bathroom sink? Here it is! This idea would be a great way to clear out all your half-used nail polish under your bathroom sink. The more you organize the better you will feel! Simply pour a little bit of the nail polish into a cup of water, swirl the colors around and dip your pumpkin in! Viola, you have a beautiful, artful, and admiring pumpkin to use in your holiday decoration! If you’d like the full instructions you can view them at Better Homes & Gardens.  

Glowing Constellation Pumpkin

Constellation Pumpkin

While I know I said “no-carve” hear me out! This really isn’t carving, I promise! All you need is a carvable craft pumpkin (no dirty clean-up), a power tool, twinkle lights, and maybe some black paint, depending on the color of the pumpkin you were able to locate. What a beautiful way to still have lit pumpkins on your stoop without having a deal with the mess of carving a real pumpkin! You can get the full instructions here

Mood Color Pumpkin

Mood Pumpkin

I love this one! What a fun way to incorporate science and Halloween!! You can really step up your Halloween decorations with a mood color pumpkin. For this idea, you will need a pumpkin, black and thermal paint. The black paint will go on first then the thermal paint. Once you touch it see how the color of the paint changes and reacts to your body heat. This might just be your favorite way to decorate pumpkins! So unique! 

Gratitude Pumpkin

Gratitude Pumpkin

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite holidays and allows us to outwardly communicate the things we are grateful for, in one setting, as we enjoy being with one another. Whether you will be having a traditional Thanksgiving or a Friendsgiving this pumpkin is a great way for you and your guests to really reflect on the last year and what you are all truely grateful for. If you would like to keep this for years to come and set it out as a beautiful reminder you can easily use a craft pumpkin. Otherwise, pick your favorite pumpkin, paint it white, pass around a sharpie and enjoy! Have fun with this one and enjoy the beautiful sentiments your loved ones are grateful for! 

I hope you enjoy these easy alternatives to pumpkin carving and give one or all of them a try for a more festival fall season. I’d love it if you signed up for my newsletter to receive additional fun and creative home and lifestyle ideas and follow me on Facebook for real estate tips.


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