The #1 Reason People Move: To be closer to family

The #1 Reason People Move: To Be Closer to Family

Significant milestones (retirement, newborns, marriage, etc.) along with declining mortgage rates are helping to create pent-up housing demand. Every day people are buying and selling homes, with many making the choice to move closer to family.

This image shows a multi generational family sitting on the stairs of the front porch of a house.


The Benefits of Living Near Loved Ones

  • Assistance with child or elder care
  • Stronger family bonds
  • Longer life expectancy

This is an image of grandparents playing with their grandkids.







In today’s interconnected world, where digital communication reigns supreme, the allure of physical proximity to family members remains unmatched. Face-to-face interactions offer a depth of connection that virtual conversations cannot replicate.

Beyond emotional fulfillment, being near family offers practical benefits too. It can mean sharing responsibilities, providing care, and enjoying tangible support during life’s ups and downs.

Of course, moving closer to family isn’t without its challenges. It may involve leaving behind familiar surroundings and navigating complex dynamics. Yet, for many, the rewards of being near loved ones outweigh the hurdles.

In essence, the primary motivation for relocation often boils down to one thing: the desire to be closer to family. In a world of constant change, the enduring bonds of kinship offer stability, belonging, and a sense of home.

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