Things to Do in Corpus Christi

Whether you are a local or coming to Corpus Christi for the first time there are a plethora of fun things to do. Some things you may already know about like the Texas State Aquarium or The USS Lexington. However, I have a few gems you may not be aware of like Big Shell Beach and Little Shell Beach. Below is a list that you can use when planning your next vacation here. I hope you enjoy your stay and find yourself coming back to visit often.

Where to Stay

Key Allegro – Key Allegro, “Happy Island,” is a thriving development located off the coast of the Rockport-Fulton community. The island inhabits both permanent and part-time residents, and those who own vacation homes and condominiums. You can find vacation rentals through this website or your favorite vacation rental site.


Port A Fishing – Deep Sea fishing charter that offers 6, 9, 12, AND 56-hour tours. If you are a beginner trying something new or a novice wanting to spend some time out at sea, Port A Fishing can accommodate your needs. Not only do they have fishing charters, but you can also book a dolphin and sunset cruise

Connie Hagar Wildlife Sanctuary – Connie Hagar is credited with the discovery of one of the largest mass migrations of hummingbirds. So little is known about the movement, but to date, 9 species and thousands of hummingbirds have been counted during one season. When you visit the sanctuary you can sit and watch the birds flying into and out of the blossoms. 


Charlotte Plummers in Rockport – Several restaurants since the turn of the century have been housed in the main building of this restaurant, but since opening the mid 1970’s Charlotte Plummers has grown and added on to enjoy the view of the water. Charlotte Plummers is a great restaurant for the entire family! 

Water Street Oyster Bar – Once an old transmission shop, Oyster Bar was our first signature restaurant and the flagship of Water Street Market. Serving the freshest gulf seafood and with a coastal ambiance all its own, this classic location is a local treasure and a “must do” during your visit to Corpus Christi. 

To Do

Texas State Aquarium – Texas State Aquarium’s hope is to engage people with animals, and inspire appreciation for our seas, while also being a local leader in fostering support for the conservation of the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea. While at the aquarium you will enjoy seeing dolphins, sharks, and rehabilitated turtles. 

The USS Lexington – The USS Lexington arrived at Corpus Christi beach in 1992. During the 1980’s the U.S. Navy came to realize that keeping in service its last remaining World War II Essex Class aircraft carrier was becoming increasingly expensive. The USS Lexington would have to be replaced by a more modern ship. The Museum has relied solely on revenues generated from grants, donations, admissions, ship’s store sales, special events, and the youth overnight program.

Fulton Mansion – When you visit the mansion, you get a rare glimpse into the life of an affluent family in the late 1800s. You will hear about George Fulton’s engineering skills. Take a walk through a garden inspired by Harriet’s love of flowers, and hear the stories of living in a grand Victorian villa.

Goose Island Oak Tree – An oak tree lives on Goose Island of the Texas Gulf Coast. It is protected by humans, but not by nature and it still stands over 100 years old! While ogling this marvel and beautiful spirit of nature you can learn about the history and legends that surround it.

Sea Sculptures – If you are in Corpus Christi during the time of year when Texas SanFest occurs you will not want to miss the impressive, massiveness of the sand sculptures! Be sure to check their website for updates and the exact weekend of the festival.

Selena memorial on the sea wall – Selena’s Quintanilla-Perez (1971 – 1995) was an acclaimed Corpus Christi Tejano singer whose legacy lives on through her music! Mirador de la Flor, or Overlook of the Flower, was unveiled in 1997. As a life-size bronze statue to honor Selena and her contributions to music and Corpus Christi. 

Rollerblading on the sea wall – A category 4 hurricane with 110 mph winds and 16-foot storm surge devastated the city in 1919 before the seawall was built. Following the devastation, the city realized something needed to be done to protect it from the elements of nature. The seawall you see now was completed in 1941 and raises the shoreline elevation to 14 feet above sea level. The concrete steps of the seawall face the rising sun and are a fantastic place to watch the sunrise as it ascends over the  Gulf. Not only can you enjoy rollerblading along the shoreline, but you can also walk, jog, bicycle or enjoy one of the 8 beautifully crafted gazebos.


Fulton Beach – Located at the corner of S. Church and 1st Street this beach is perfect for walking along the shoreline, but especially for fishing off the pier.  

Big Shell Beach – Currents from the South deposit slightly larger shells on Big Shell Beach. This is a fun place to collect larger shells from other areas of the island. There is a small fee for this beach.  

Little Shell Beach – Influenced by currents from the north which generally deposit smaller shells onto the beach. Great place to see and collect smaller shells. There is limited access by car to this beach and admission per vehicle.

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