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Ways to Spark Community Spirit

Ways to Spark Community Spirit


Nothing builds and encourages community spirit and camaraderie like a fun gathering!


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Here are some unique ideas to consider.

  1. A Free Concert – Hire a local band that is just getting started or put together a talent competition for a neighborhood-wide party.
  2. Help a Senior Day – Organize a community-wide effort to help seniors with yardwork, home maintenance projects, etc.
  3. Meet and Greet with First Responders – Coordinate with your community’s first responders to host an event where families can learn more about the people in the different departments.
  4. Collect Donations for a Local Food Pantry – Most food drives are done during the holidays. Consider doing one during a different season.
  5. Collect and Donate Personal Hygiene Products – Shelters are always in need of these products for the families they serve.
  6. Start a Walking Group – Organize regular weekly meetups for participants to “walk and talk.”
  7. Block Party – Host a giant potluck street party.
  8. Community Garden – Check with your local authorities to see if there is a plot of land that can be used for residents to garden together.
  9. Knit for a Cause – Gather fellow crafters to make useful items, such as blankets or hats, to be donated to a local shelter or children’s hospital.

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Tips for Success

  • Give yourself enough time to plan, organize and secure funding.
  • Contact local authorities to ensure you are in compliance with all rules and regulations.
  • Recruit and assign tasks to volunteers. Contact vendors if necessary.
  • Publicize the event ahead of time on social media, newspapers and flyers.

If the thought of initiating an event seems overwhelming, start small or with a one-time event. You may find it even more rewarding and fun than you imagined. You may also inspire others to join you on future projects!

For more information on community events happening in Corpus Christi, click here.

National Night Out is on October 3, 2023. For more details check out the Corpus Christi PD Facebook page, click here.


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